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Freeze Protection system
The system ensures safety by protecting facilities from disasters such as freezing of meters, water supply lines, and pipes.
Cross-sectional diagram of the Freeze Protection system
The freeze protection system is a cable whose output (heat output, power output) changes according to the temperature of a pipe or container. It has an infinite parallel structure, so the amount of heat generated per unit meter is constant regardless of the length, and the internal resistance is adjusted according to the change in the ambient temperature. This allows it to automatically increase or decrease the amount of heat generated through self-regulation.
Innovative technology ensures safe living.
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Why Enerpia Freeze Protection system?

  • The internal resistance changes according to the temperature change, allowing automatic adjustment of the amount of heat generated.
  • Safer from localized overheating or burnout
  • Easy installation can save costs
  • Can be cut and usedwithout wasting wires
  • Self-regulated heater provides a great power saving effect and with a semi-permanent life span, it can be used safely without the need for separate maintenance.
  • Semi-permanent life span without corrosion
  • Blocks electromagnetic waves waves for safety
  • Because it is an infinite parallel circuit,it is possible to cut, connect and install according to the use in the field
Installation recommended in various places.
Protect yourself from frequent facility disasters such as burst from the freezing of meters, water lines, and pipes in winter with the Enerpia freeze protection system at an affordable cost. The fixed temperature wire has a long life, so the longer you use it, the more economical it becomes.
  • Various external piping
  • Fuel piping
  • Pipe, Water meter
  • Heating facilities of various tanks
Enerpia fixed temperature wire for freeze / burst from freezing prevention is suitable for placewhere boiler installation is inconvenient, and where temperature maintenance and freeze protection is needed (various pipes, refueling and hot water lines).

Freeze Protection system Specification table

Model name SRL 16-2CR
Length 100M/roll
Power 16
Max. allowed temperature 85℃
Temperature for continuous usage 65℃
Conductor 18AWG
Size 11.0mm(W) x 6.5mm(H)

*Standard heat quantity : 10W/m, 16W/m, 24W/m, 30W/m
*Including bobbin, excluding box

Roof snow melting system Construction method

  • 1 Install Freeze Protection system

  • 2 Attach climate control sensor

  • 3 Install thermal insulation materials

  • 4 Test performance

  • 5 Install control panel

Certificates of Freeze Protection system

Patent No. 10-1292327
(Snowplow and heating system for vinyl houses)
  • Freeze Protection system Brochure
  • Freeze Protection system
    The best product to protect home plumbing and industrial facilities from the freezing winter!
    Freeze Protection system that can be reliably used for a long period of time with excellent safety and one-off installation.