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Road snow melting system

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Automatic detection of and unattended response to snowstorms and freezing at dawn on roads and sidewalks
Structural map of the Snow melting cable
The snow melting system installs heating wires at a certain depth under the pavement to automatically detect the temperature and humidity when it snow or freezes in winter. The cutting-edge deicing and desnowing system is installed at steep slopes of roads, tunnel entrances/exits, and entrances to apartment complex parking lots to help safe walking and driving.
Innovative technology ensures safe living
High-quality construction with unrivaled technology We invite you to meet Enerpia’s products that
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with the know-how and patented technology accumulated over the years.

Why choose Enerpia snow melting cables?

  • Prevents accidents in areas with vulnerable snow removal infrastructure, limitation of snow removal work, and secondary accidents.
  • Construction costs can be reduced because it is easy to use as it uses electricity and does not require additional personnel.
  • An eco-friendly advanced snow removal system that prevents environmental damage factors, road life reduction, and vehicle corrosion due to the use of calcium chloride.
  • Cables can be installed easily in narrow places where snow cannot be easily removed by people, or equipment cannot fit in.
  • Maintenance costs can be reduced using unmanned automatic control systems by installing sensors in case of heavy snowfall.
  • Cables can be used safely by adding cables with excellent strength, triple insulation, and SUS braiding.
Installation recommended in various places.
Enerpia snow melting cables are suitable for places where snow removal equipment cannot be used, steep roads, bridges (overpass, etc.), stairs, parking lots, and tunnel entrances and exits
  • Airfield runways
  • Tunnel entrances and exits and parking lot entrances and exits
  • Hill roads, steep slope roads
  • Bridges (overpass, etc.)
  • underground passage stairs and crosswalks
  • access roads of shopping centers and apartment buildings
Checklist for selecting a snow melting system
Minimum average temperature
(January - February)
Snow precipitation
Road and sidewalk
-2℃ 1.7cm 170W 200W 170W 250W
-6℃ 2.0cm 200W 250W 200W 300W
-10℃ 2.5cm 250W 300W 250W 350W
-15℃ 3.0cm 300W 350W 300W 400W
-20℃ 4.0cm 350W 400W 350W 450W
System installation work The construction structural map by layer shows an enlarged image of snow melting cables that is installed on the surface as a burial type.
Snow melting cable Specification table
model number product specification Voltage average power consumption
EP22SA 22m×8.2mm 220v 0.9Kw 40W/m
38m×8.2mm 380v 1.5Kw
44m×8.2mm 440v 1.8Kw
EP44SA 44m×8.2mm 220v 1.8Kw
76m×8.2mm 380v 3.0Kw
88m×8.2mm 440v 3.5Kw
EP66SA 66m×8.2mm 220v 2.6Kw
114m×8.2mm 380v 4.6Kw
132m×8.2mm 440v 5.3Kw
EP88SA 88m×8.2mm 220v 3.5Kw
152m×8.2mm 380v 6.1Kw
176m×8.2mm 440v 7.0Kw
EP110SA 110m×8.2mm 220v 4.4Kw
190m×8.2mm 380v 7.6Kw
220m×8.2mm 440v 8.8Kw
※ Product specification (length), power consumption, and application area can be customized.
Calculation of electric capacity per unit area of Snow melting system
Construction area basis
Total required area(m2)
Expected operating power(W/h)
* The data are for reference only and may differ according to the site condition.
Snow melting cables Construction
  • Cutting method
  • Spreading method
  • Cutting construction method

    Using the cutting construction method, which buries cables by only cutting a part of the road, adjust the burial depth and pitch intervals uniformly, and when it is cut and the cable insertion is completed, finish it off by filling it up with material.

  • Spreading construction method

    A spreading construction method that covers the entire road after spreading the cables inserted with heat wires. The heat wires are spread after adjusting the burial depth and pitch intervals of the snow melting cables regularly, where it is finished off with finishing materials.

Snow melting cables Construction
  • Cutting method
  • Spreading method
Main construction subsidiary materials of Snow melting cables
Certificates of Snow melting cables

CE (snow cable)

KTC snow cable test report

Competitive bidding registration for hot water pipe and snow melting

Patent No.10-1157187

Patent No. 10-1792709
  • Snow melting Brochure
  • Snow melting Specification
  • Snow melting cable
    Automatic detection of and unattended response to snowstorms and freezing at dawn on roads and sidewalks.

    Enerpia snow melting cables have excellent heat efficiency and strong durability, making it good at preventing freezing in winter and suitable for road heating wire work.