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Criteria for estimating the quality warranty period

Warranty period for each product

Product classification Product warranty period Warranty period when the genuine product is registered Model
XL PIPE SYSTEM One year Two years All general and shielded models
Heating wire for floor warming One year Two years All models
Heating Film One year - All models
EP-BOARD One year - All models
Road heating wire One year Two years All models
Temperature regulator and controller One year - All models
  1. - The agent company in the country carries out the warranty procedure if the product installation area is in a country other than Korea.
  2. - The product is replaced with a new one if there is no agent in the country. (The customer is responsible for the cost of disassembly, installation, and transport.)
  3. - If Enerpia performed the product installation under the contract, the warranty criteria follow the provisions in the contract.
  4. - Enerpia provides a charged repair service after expiration of the warranty period.

General criteria for quality warranty

  1. 01Enerpia’s main heating devices are inspected at the factory and shipped for installation on site.
    Since the installation process is critical because of the product characteristics, the company that installs the product is responsible for carrying out the warranty. The installer should collect the data and register the product.
  2. 02The installation company should be thoroughly familiar with the specification before constructing. Enerpia is not responsible for any accidents caused by construction errors.
  3. 03Users should read the safety precautions and warnings in the manual. Enerpia is not responsible for any accidents caused by the customer’s negligence.
  4. 04If the purchaser registers the genuine product, Enerpia stores it on our server and provides an additional one-year warranty.
  5. 05If a product is not registered, the warranty period is based on the shipment date stored in Enerpia’s server.
  6. 06If you have not registered the genuine product and cannot check the product serial number, you need to have the accurate purchase information for us to find the product. If a product cannot be viewed, a charged repair is provided in principle.
  7. 07The customer is responsible for the transportation cost of repaired parts.
  8. 08You should send photos of the site and records when making the initial warranty claim. Travel expenses may be charged depending on the warranty criteria/li>
  9. 09Customers in Korea can receive the warranty service at Enerpia’s head office. Foreign customers are entitled to worldwide warranty through their local agent.
  10. 10Because of the nature of heating products, the power consumption of some products may vary within the allowable error range of +-7%.
  11. 11Product failures are determined based on the power consumption; not temperature increase or time when electricity is applied.
  12. 12You can register the warranty via phone call or online, and the warranty service will be processed according to the product failure determination manual.
    If the customer requests Enerpia personnel to be on site for repair because it is not possible to determine the warranty status according to the manual on site, the customer will be responsible for the travel cost regardless of the product failure.

Free of charge and fee-charged repair criteria

Free of charge repair

  • Performance or functional failure that occurs during normal use during the quality warranty and free service period
  • A failure in the same part within six months after a fee-charged repair (Re-repair is the responsibility of the same repair/adjustment center that performed the first repair.)
  • Service that Enerpia determined to provide free of charge

Fee-charged repair

  • Expired warranty period
  • Failure caused by improper use even during the warranty period
  • Product failure caused by not using the regulator or controller or by the continuous supply of direct power
  • Failure caused by natural disaster (Fire, salt damage, gas damage, earthquake, wind/water damage, lightning, or abnormal power)
  • Failure caused by electrical fault
  • Management negligence (Shock, damage, excessive operation, flooding, etc.)
  • Product damaged in another process after installation
  • Device problem as a result of using with another company’s product
  • Requesting a service when there is no problem with running the originally intended function

(Caution) Products not eligible for warranty

Warranty procedure


The user will notify the contractor first when there is a problem with the product. Enerpia’s products are semi-finished heating devices and require the final assembly on site.
Therefore, note that the contractor should be aware of the specific condition of the site.
If you do not have the contractor records, we can advise you if you contact us.


After notified of the user’s product problem, the contractor contacts Enerpia to confirm the technical checklist and follow-up.
The contractor should check the product purchase history.
Please check the purchaser’s information.
Enerpia provides the method on how to check the product condition.


Enerpia checks the quality warranty period of the registered case and notifies the contractor whether the case falls under being free of charge or fee-charged.
If the case falls under being free of charge, Enerpia’s technology team visits the site and carries out the warranty procedure.
If the case falls under being fee-charged, the customer may have to pay the travel costs before Enerpia’s technology team visits the site.


The customer and contractor may be requested to conduct a satisfaction survey to provide better services after the warranty procedure is completed.
Please let us know of any problem or issues to solve from the receipt to the warranty service procedure.
We will reflect the customer opinions to the greatest extent possible to improve the services.


You can now use the product and be warm and safe.