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Job introduction

Domestic Sales Department Business with the Public Procurement Service (Nara Marketplace) Government procurement bidding, contracting, and other works related to Nara marketplace
Domestic sales Jobs related to selling and constructing Enerpia’s products effectively to customers
To establish the sales strategy according to the market trends and specifications and create profits through sales management
Constructor management Marketing and management of key distributors and constructors
Overseas Sales Department Overseas sales Jobs related to export/import and overseas marketing
Chinese subsidiary Jobs related to manufacturing, sales/PR, and marketing of Enerpia’s electric heating products
Sales Support Department (Technology Department)
Engineering design The optimum design with the CAD program for the equipment and heating construction work
Marketing PR strategy, advertising, sales events, and brand management for optimal sales activities according to the market environment and customer requirements
Design Professional design technology to increase the value of the company and customer trust
PR design, product design, publication design, and website/blog design
Technology Development Center R&D Performance-oriented research and development linked to business strategy for structural business innovation, high value-added product development, process innovation, and identification/fostering future growth engine
Production Department Production CT-based production
Quality Control Department Quality control Raw material acceptance, shipment inspection, facility management, and smart factory operation
Administration Department General administration Management of the company’s operational assets and corporate legal affairs
Back office management, administrative support, and in-house event management
HR Management of the HR system that supports the company vision and presentation of the fair evaluation standard to increase employee satisfaction and efficient company management
Planning Establishment of company goals and mission/vision so that all departments and business move forward to the same direction and diagnosis of the business performance
Education/Training Planning and management of education/training programs to develop employee competency and improve capabilities
Management inspection Managing the establishment of business targets and MBO according to the mid- to long-term management strategic direction and managing the performance
Profitability review and financial structure stabilization through the target management and budget management by analyzing the business performance