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Electric heating system

Heating cable (Roll)

Heating cable (Roll type)
Enerpia’s heating cable is developed and supplied for each solution, through production processes such as extrusion, injection molding and braiding of various and fresh materials in a way that it fits the characteristics of heating values that want metal resistance wires with proven thermal stability since 1930 all over the world.
Internal structure map of the Heating cable Roll type
  • UT Type
  • CT Type
  • L Type
  • C Type
  • V Type
Heating cable UT Type
  • Zero electromagnetic waves

    Two heating lines, which have the same amplitude and wavelength but opposite directions of current, offset the magnetic field and block the electric field by adopting braiding to completely block electromagnetic waves.
  • Teflon insulation

    Insulated with Teflon, an unsaturated resin, with excellent waterproof, insulation, and heat resistance
  • Cold lead

    The junction point of the power line and the heating line, which is the most important location of the heating cable, has excellent durability, moisture-proof, and insulation
Innovative technology ensures safe living.
Heating cable Application field
High-quality construction with unrivaled technology We invite you to meet Enerpia’s products that
ensure customer satisfaction with construction techniques built
with the know-how and patented technology accumulated over the years.

Why Enerpia Heating cable?

  • A product that implements ondol-style heating through an electric floor heating system.
  • All electrical energy is converted into heat for 100% use in actual heating.
  • Heat accumulation effect guarantees long heating with less energy usage.
  • Due to the mortar construction method, it is safe against loads even when applied to a large space
  • A heating system that does not produce freeze, smoke, or gas.
  • No noise and excellent space management as there is no boiler room.
  • Blocking electromagnetic waves within heating cablesHealthy and comfortable heating
  • Safe usage without additional maintenance.
  • Reduces construction costs due to its short construction time as equipment piping is not required.
  • Any floor finishing materials can be used.
  • Reduces unnecessary heating costs by using partial heating.
Installation recommended in various places.
No problem with all floor finishing materials! Applicable with any floor finishing material.
  • Religious facilities
  • Accommodations
  • Educational facilities
  • Apartments/houses
  • Lecture rooms
  • Restaurants
Calculation of electric capacity per unit area Heating cable
Construction area basis
Total required area(m²)
Expected operating power(W/h)
* The data are for reference only and may differ according to the site condition.
Heating cable Specification table
  • Single core (UT)
  • Single core (L)
  • Single core (CT)
  • Single core (V)
  • Single core (LT)
  • Single core (C)
Type Core Outer Diameter No. of W per M Color Cold lead
UT Type Dual core Ø4.2mm 20W/m Tube type
model number average power consumption Length Exclusive area (Korea)
EP20W10UT 200Wh 10M 0.5Py
EP20W15UT 300Wh 15M 1py
EP20W20UT 400Wh 20M 1.5py
EP20W30UT 600Wh 30M 2py
EP20W35UT 700Wh 35M 2.5Py
EP20W40UT 800Wh 40M 3py
EP20W45UT 900Wh 45M 3.5Py
EP20W50UT 1,000Wh 50M 4py
EP20W60UT 1,200Wh 60M 5py
EP20W70UT 1,400Wh 70M 6Py
EP20W80UT 1,600Wh 80M 7py
EP20W90UT 1,800Wh 90M 8Py
EP20W100UT 2,000Wh 100M 9py
EP20W120UT 2,400Wh 120M 11py
EP20W140UT 2,800Wh 140M 13py
※ The space intervals of cables shall be constructed at intervals of 7 to 15cm according to the use and conditions of the site.
※ Product specifications (voltage, power consumption, heating area) and product structure can be customized.
Heating Roll Cable Construction
Main construction subsidiary materials of Heating cable
  • Wire mesh
  • Silver film insulation
  • Temperature sensor
  • Climate controller
Certificates of Heating cable

Utility Model No. 20-0412561

Russia GOST

  • Heating cable Brochure
  • Heating cable Specification
  • Heating cable
    Enerpia non-electromagnetic heating cable products, which consider customers and the environment, are used for various purposes in a number of spaces, such as floor heating, snow melting equipment, freeze protection, moisture prevention of electronic products, etc. using radiant heat from electric energy.

    By blocking electromagnetic waves in the heating line, it is possible to provide healthier and more comfortable heating, and the optimized construction method allows safe and convenient installation in various field environments.